Praying With A Broken Heart

I asked you for the light
You gave me a long dark night
Gave me shadows for my path
There was no turning back
You whispered “hold on tight”

I asked you for some peace of mind
So you gave me a fight inside
How I wrestled with the truth
Went round and round with you
Could not shake you, but I tried

Its like with dancing with the stone
Oh how I’m trying to let go

So I’m praying with a broken heart
That’s where all the healing start
Sing the song of a wayward child
"Be thou my vision"
I’m looking for another sign
Mercy in a sweet sunrise
Want to be wherever you are
I’m praying with a broken heart
I’m praying with a broken heart

I asked you for a little faith
And you put a mountain in my way
And I’ve wasted so much time
Nothing left to do but climb
Now every step is grace

Only you can start a fire
On such an empty mountainside

For all we lost is Eden
For all I still believe in

(Source: Spotify)

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